Saturday, May 30, 2009

....and now we wait!!!

So we had a very exciting day! We had the transfer this morning! I had two Grade A embryos transferred to Amie! Of my 11 eggs, six fertilized and then as of this morning we had two perfect looking ones and three slower ones. The doctor recommended that we transfer two, so that is what we did! I guess we will have a 35% chance of having twins! Which I think would be great!!!! So now we have to wait 9 days until they will do a blood test! Amie and I are not sure we can wait that long! I'm sure there will be at least one HPT before that! We are praying that things go well and we get our BFP!!! Amie and I were both emotional today! During the transfer we were both tearing up. They were happy tears. The doctor thinks that we have a really good shot! I still can't believe that I have such an amazing friend. I think I am still in shock! I don't think I have stopped smiling all day! So, now we wait!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So we had our egg retrieval on monday. We got 11 eggs! Mike and I went up the night before and had a really good time together. I forgot how much I like my husband! So anyway of the 11 eggs 6 fertilized and as of this morning they were still doing well and dividing the way they are supposed to! So we got the call from the clinic and we will transfer sat. I am not sure what time yet, they will call us Friday to let us know. Yeah!

I did have a little set back yesterday. I was having a lot of pain in my right side so after talking to the RE's office they said to go to the ER to make sure everything was ok. They did an u/s and I was collecting some extra fluid, but they thought that my pain was mainly because they had such a hard time getting to that ovary. I feel better today. But I had to laugh yesterday. Everyone that I talked to at the ER I explained about my egg retrieval and about my trigger shot which is the HCG hormone. I knew that they would run a pregnancy test and I figured I would have a false positive. So sure enough the Dr comes in an says that I am pregnant. I said "No I am not"! He replied with "yes you are!" We went back and forth and again I explained about the trigger shot. He admitted that he did not know anything about infertility treatments, so I was finally able to convince him I was not pregnant! Especially since the day before they had sucked all of my eggs out! LOL

Amie also started her shots last night. I guess Jeff,(her DH) did a good job. She said that they were not as bad as she thought they would be. She said her tushy is a little sore today, but not to bad. I feel kind of relieved. I felt so bad about her having to do the big ugly shot! So, so far so good! Keep us in your prayers! Hopefully in the near future we will get our BFP!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holy Hormones!

So here I am on day 9 of stimming. The hormones are taking over my body! I had a u/s yesterday and they were really happy with my progress. I will have another one in the morning. We have all signed so much paperwork I think I might have just signed over my husband! I am not even sure anymore! I am getting really excited and nervous. If they are still happy with my progress tomorrow we will have the egg retrevial on monday! EEK! If we E/R on monday that would put the transfer date for Sat! I am getting through all my shots fine. They make me feel really sick, but oh well! The things you will do to have a baby! I am having a hard time keeping food down, but maybe that just means I will come out of this thinner! Poor Mike, I am all over the place with my moods. I am happy,sad, excited, mad, etc.! They can change in a split second! I am just praying that things go well and we get another baby.

I am so grateful to have Amie. I truelly believe that she was meant to be my friend. I am not sure what I would do without her. I still can't believe that she is willing to have a baby. She is like a sister to me and I love her with all my heart. I hope she knows what she means to me. I have to share a little story with you all. Amie has a five year old and she decided to tell him that she was going to have a baby for Mike and I. He was fine with all of that, but questioned how the baby was going to get in her tummy. She told him that it was magic. Then he wondered how the baby was going to get out. Again, she explained that it was magic. He thought about and then was worried how she was going to perform magic, since she did not have a magician's outfit! That was the only thing he was concerned about! I told her we will have to get her a top hat and a wand! LOL Out of the mouth of babes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here comes the estrogen

So Amie and I both started on the estrogen today! I have to say that I am starting to lose patients with my Dr office. Not the dr but his staff. This morning I had a blood draw and a baseline u/s of my ovaries. It was done there at their clinic. After everything I was told that I would get a call this afternoon with my results. So 3:30 came and I still had not heard anything so I called the office, and they were closed. But their message said that they were open until 4. I was so mad. So I had the dr paged. He called me back and said that we needed to be on estrogen. UGH. So he said that I will start the stimming process on Wed. So I am going to start calling first thing in the morning to make sure my meds get called in.

I am a ball of emotions. I am excited, and scared. I am so worried that this isn't going to work. I want another baby so badly that it physically hurts. I am trying not to stress, but anyone who knows me knows that is not possible! I pray that things go well. I want my family to grow. I have so much love to give.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The forces of nature

So after both Amie and I being late we both started today! Finally! I talked to the RE this morning and I go in on monday for blood work and an u/s of my ovaries! Finally we are "maybe" getting somewhere! I hope I will know more after I see the RE on Monday! I just think it is neat that Amie and my cycles synced up on our own. We started out almost two weeks apart and now we started on the same day! Yeah!