Wednesday, June 24, 2009

passing the time.....

So I am getting ahead of myself and thinking of baby names! I already have my girl name! It is Addyson Ann! I have had that since I was pregnant with Anderson. But now I am trying to come up with boy names. I think I am just trying to pass the time untill our u/s on monday. So far for boys I like, Owen, Brady, and Payton. I want to use Michael as the middle name after my husband. But last night I was looking at baby names and came across the name Grayson! So now I have that on my mind! Mike isn't as sure about that one. He said he liked Jackson better. That was one of the names that we had when I was pregnant with Anderson. So what do you all think?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So Amie had more blood work today and our number jumped from 1650 to 4260!!!!! In 48 hours! I am so excited I could scream! We have our u/s on the 29th, and I pray that we have a heartbeat. I am hoping I will be less nervous when I see that! Please keep those prayers coming. I know that Wesley and Emma are watching over us. I pray that they keep baby safe.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beta Hell

So we have been living in beta hell for the last week. Our first number was so good at 234. But then when we had our repeat beta and it did not double. It was 417. So we had another one on friday and it was only 513. So I was not feeling very hopeful. So we had to wait all weekend and finally we had some more blood work today and the number jumped to 1600. So we are not sure if there were two and we lost one or maybe we just have a slow riser. We will have another beta on thursday. I pray that our number continue to rise. Think sticky thoughts for us!

Monday, June 8, 2009

drum roll please!!!!!!

I just got the call and our first beta was 234! Yeah! Today is 14 days since my egg retrieval, and 9 days since our transfer! So our numbers are right in line with having twins! Yeah! I think we are all a little in shock! But I am over the moon! We will repeat on Wed! Please continue the prayer! They seem to be working!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


So I am going to post this site to my facebook. I need to get over my fears that telling people will make something bad happen. I can't spend my life afraid. I pray that things go well and we have another baby! But please keep us in your prayers. We have the beta in the morning. On a side note please pray for Amie and her youngest. He was having trouble breathing and had to spend last night in the hospital. He might have to spend one more night. It sounds like it was some kind of allergy/asthma attack kind of thing. So we will keep you all updated!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So Amie and I are crazy! For those of you that know us, it is really true! So "we" started taking pregnancy tests 4 days post transfer. Well on day 5 we got a BFP!!! It was faint, but still there! So she has continued to take pregnancy tests and they are still positive. Yesterday we couldn't wait so she went in for a blood test! See, I told you we are crazy! It too was positive! Then she tested again this morning and the line was MUCH darker! Yeah! We have our beta on monday! So now we wait some more and pray! Everyone think sticky thoughts!