Thursday, April 23, 2009

another appt

So we met with the RE again today. I complained about not getting any call backs from his staff so he gave me his private number! So we have a plan of action. Again we are waiting for AF. Story of our lives! So a lot depends on when we start. Hopefully Amie will start first. If not they can hold me for a week. Any longer and it would make my egg quality not as strong. But if Amie starts first then they put her on estregen up to 6 weeks. In that time if my day two tests look good then I will start drugs for egg stimulation. I am not sure how many days that will take and then when they become a certain size they will give me the trigger shot which is the HCG hormone. Then we get to retrieve. Thank god I will be asleep for that! Oh and they checked Mike's sperm count and it was over 73 million!!!!! So we know we are good there! So I am happy that we are making progress! The big thing he kept stressing is that Amie and I need to keep our stress levels down. He even said he may put us on xanex to keep us calm. So I am trying to take a deep breath. I just hope things go well for us. I am ready for Anderson to have a little brother or sister. I also pray that things go quickly. This is very expensive and I am not sure how many times we can afford to try. I know...not stress! Easier said than done!

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