Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beta Hell

So we have been living in beta hell for the last week. Our first number was so good at 234. But then when we had our repeat beta and it did not double. It was 417. So we had another one on friday and it was only 513. So I was not feeling very hopeful. So we had to wait all weekend and finally we had some more blood work today and the number jumped to 1600. So we are not sure if there were two and we lost one or maybe we just have a slow riser. We will have another beta on thursday. I pray that our number continue to rise. Think sticky thoughts for us!


  1. How many days Past implantation was the last beta done? Your last number is def. looking good! Praying that baby/babies stick! Thinking of you! When will you be able to go for the first scan? (I know they prefer to wait till 6 weeks or so)