Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thump, thump!

We have movement! Not all the time but she has defiantly felt that baby move! I am so excited. So I love getting updated on baby Monkey! Yeah so I have been calling the baby monkey! Don't worry that won't be their name! I still could not decide between the boy names so I asked Amie and she said Grayson! So there you have it! Baby will either be Grayson Michael Roesslein Verhulst or Addyson Ann Roesslein Verhulst. Ok so I really do not hyphenate but I like to add it in there when I can! I am proud to be a Roesslein! So that is all for now. I am just counting the days until out u/s! Sept 15Th. I know it is not that far away but it seems forever away! So that is all for now!

Here is a pic of the 16 week belly!

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