Saturday, May 30, 2009

....and now we wait!!!

So we had a very exciting day! We had the transfer this morning! I had two Grade A embryos transferred to Amie! Of my 11 eggs, six fertilized and then as of this morning we had two perfect looking ones and three slower ones. The doctor recommended that we transfer two, so that is what we did! I guess we will have a 35% chance of having twins! Which I think would be great!!!! So now we have to wait 9 days until they will do a blood test! Amie and I are not sure we can wait that long! I'm sure there will be at least one HPT before that! We are praying that things go well and we get our BFP!!! Amie and I were both emotional today! During the transfer we were both tearing up. They were happy tears. The doctor thinks that we have a really good shot! I still can't believe that I have such an amazing friend. I think I am still in shock! I don't think I have stopped smiling all day! So, now we wait!

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    crossing fingers !!

    hope all goes well!! :)