Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So we had our egg retrieval on monday. We got 11 eggs! Mike and I went up the night before and had a really good time together. I forgot how much I like my husband! So anyway of the 11 eggs 6 fertilized and as of this morning they were still doing well and dividing the way they are supposed to! So we got the call from the clinic and we will transfer sat. I am not sure what time yet, they will call us Friday to let us know. Yeah!

I did have a little set back yesterday. I was having a lot of pain in my right side so after talking to the RE's office they said to go to the ER to make sure everything was ok. They did an u/s and I was collecting some extra fluid, but they thought that my pain was mainly because they had such a hard time getting to that ovary. I feel better today. But I had to laugh yesterday. Everyone that I talked to at the ER I explained about my egg retrieval and about my trigger shot which is the HCG hormone. I knew that they would run a pregnancy test and I figured I would have a false positive. So sure enough the Dr comes in an says that I am pregnant. I said "No I am not"! He replied with "yes you are!" We went back and forth and again I explained about the trigger shot. He admitted that he did not know anything about infertility treatments, so I was finally able to convince him I was not pregnant! Especially since the day before they had sucked all of my eggs out! LOL

Amie also started her shots last night. I guess Jeff,(her DH) did a good job. She said that they were not as bad as she thought they would be. She said her tushy is a little sore today, but not to bad. I feel kind of relieved. I felt so bad about her having to do the big ugly shot! So, so far so good! Keep us in your prayers! Hopefully in the near future we will get our BFP!

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